DeWalt - Byrd Shelix Cutterhead for DW 735 (Rating: 1)

I replaced the stock head in my DW735 with a new Shelix spiral head. It seem as if the Shelix diameter is slightly less that that of the stock head. I had to remove the blades in order to pull the old head out as they were a larger diameter than that of bearing and I couldn't remove it intact. The Shelix head goes through the bearing seat thus is smaller that the diameter of the stock head.

Clearly the entry side is closer than before. In other words, I have to crank down the unit and the gauge says I'm removing much more than I actually am. But it used to be right on with the old head. Also, I'm getting pronounced snipe on the leading edge of the board. I've tried several board thicknesses but always have snipe. I had snipe with the stock head but relatively minor. I've tried lifting an end and have adjusted the in feed and out feed tables with no luck. The rubber on the feed rollers is really compressed.

The installation went smoothly. I watched a couple of videos and feel that the installation is correct.

The cut is smooth and the noise level is reduced. I believe that the rollers are pressing down with more force that before otherwise, the head won't cut. It would be great if there was a way to adjust the cutting head in relation to the drive rollers but I can't find any.

I think that this is a real problem. The Shelix head has turned my DW735 into a snipe monster. If I don't find a solution I'll reinstall the stock head.