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shaving a blue spruce

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So I cut off the bottom 7 ft of branches from what I am told is a Colorado Blue Spruce and some of the branches are up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Is this material I should consider keeping for future possible projects? Is it too small to be generally useful for anything? I know the obvious solution would be pen blanks or spindle blanks, but I do not have a lathe, and do not currently see getting one in the near future.
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In my opinion you have the makings of a good campfire and that is about all. While Blue Spruce is a wonderful tree to have around the yard, the branches won't do you much good in the shop. If you had a large trunk and the ability to cut it into boards you might have a little luck with some basic framing materials.

Most woodworkers avoid the branches of a tree because they tend to twist and warp as they dry. Since they spend their lives holding up weight, when they are dried they tend to go all sorts of directions.

Best of luck though. Maybe someone else has another opinion and better suggestions.
Maybe some "oysters"....1/2" thick rounds cut from the branches. Dried in a microwave. If you're in to that sort of decorative work.
Other than that, Durnik has the right idea. Break out the hot dogs and marshmallows.
branch wood is not good wood. all of the stresses in it when you cut it up itll just go everywhere.
Just don't burn it in your fireplace in your house. When you burn evergreens like this and pine and such you run the risk of lining the flue with pitch, which can catch fire. Best to be on the safe side and burn it out side.
It just so happens that I really dig camping. So firewood sounds like a wonderful option.

put them in the microwave? seriously?
Yep. Seriously. If they are cut thin enough, a few minutes at 70 would probably dry them sufficiently to be stored in an air tight, moisture proof container.
genes right. a lot of turners dry thier bowls in the microwave too.
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