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Sharpening question

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I recently purchased Grizzly's T10010 slow speed sharpener. So far I'm happy with the quality (made in Germany),
but I'm not sure about sharpening. Do I sharpen with the wheel rotation (tool rest on the side) or against the rotation (tool rest on the top). The new guy needs to know!

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The quality of what?
Quality of construction, trueness of the wheel, ease of assembly
How about the quality of the sharpening and what exactly is this made to sharpen? Blades, bits. knives?
I normally go "Against the wheel"...So tool rest on top in most case's
I sharpen everything from chisels and drill bits to lawn mower blades with the wheel moving down to the cutting edge.
Thanks Don and Topamax, I really appreciate the help. Now it off to the garage and practice.
same here i usually do against the wheel. its not really a big deal though which way
Maintain your angle, it usually doesn't take much to sharpen most things unless you have a bunch of nicks to level out. Not sure if this is a wet system, but at slow speed you probably don't need to worry much, but keep the edge cool by dipping in water. No burning :))
It's a wet system. And Rob…what Bob said about your angle is very true…just take your time and practice/play with it and it will be fine.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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