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Sharpening my card scraper

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I have a Stanley card scraper that I have had for years and I have had no luck sharpening it in the conventional method. (With a burnishing tool.) I have sharpened my other card scraper with a burnishing tool and it is easy to do and works well but not the Stanley. A friend, recently told me to just flatten the edge on my belt sander instead and I tried that. It works great now. I guess the Stanley is made of stainless steel and must be sharpened differently.
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if your scraper is harder than your burnishing tool, than the burnisher will have no effect on the scraper… might be what is happening in your case.
Thanks for both tips , gentlemen : )
There is no way a stainless steel anything is harder than a burnishing tool.

Stainless is very tough and it is corrosion resistant, and difficult to machine, but it is NOT hard.

You most likely just had an edge that was too rounded for the burnishing tool to create the hook.
You could always just junk it.
Life is too short to deal with stuff that won't work. :)
In my not so humble opinion, most of the newer Stanley stuff is questionable at best.
The best card scraper that I have was made for me by a woodworking friend. He made it from an old hand saw blade.
I have two BANCO, 60mm and 80mm. The .80 takes about 10 seconds to roll an edge but I have never been able to get an edge on the .60mm. I've had dozens through the years and that is the only one I haven't been able to roll an edge on. My burnisher is a rat tail file that I ground the teeth off of so I know there is no way in H* that the scraper is to harder than my burnisher.

Some things are just beyond explanation.
I'm using card crapers made by Pfeil and burnishing tool made of old file. About sharpening: (page 59)
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