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I got into one of those "eyes are bigger than the stomach" buying opportunities recently. The opportunity was good so I brought home multiples planes of several types. As an example, I need no where near the half dozen 5 1/2 sized planes that made it into my shop in the past two weeks. There are plenty of other similar examples. I am looking to recoup some of my fun money because being allowed to pick through a large collection was a great deal of fun but was hard on my tool fund to be sure. I feel I should pass some of the extras forward if there is interest. I will let these run here for a bit, then will take them to the auction site If there is inadequate interest here. Shipping for all planes is not included although I will combine if someone has want or need for multiple items. I try to ship my items in USPS flat rate boxes and will plan to do so for most of these items. I will be posting more planes as time permits.

Number 1 tonight is a gray and red Craftsman Rabbet plane. This is arguably a new old plane but I cannot say that it is as I have no box. It is complete with fence and depth gauge and appears to have original grind on the blade. It does have a small pitted spot on the sole as shown in the pictures. I gave this one a short bath in Evaporust and wiped it with 3 in 1. Finish is good on this one. Sharpen it, wax it, and use it!! $35.00

Saw Automotive lighting Tool Luggage and bags Eyewear

Hand tool Automotive design Tool Automotive exterior Motor vehicle

Wood Automotive tire Finger Gas Auto part

Wood Rectangle Tints and shades Composite material Metal

Plane number 2 tonight is a Stanley 48 Tongue and groove plane. This one is strictly a user. The nickel finish is rough over all. Knob is decent. This one had Evaporust bath to get the heavy crud off but will need some finish cleaning. Big apology is no blades were with this one. St Johns Bay Tool has them available, I believe. Pictures tell the rest. $25.00

Wood Metal Art Household hardware Rectangle

Wood Rectangle Font Art Metal

Helmet Wood Ball Artifact Musical instrument

Tints and shades Font Metal Funeral Rectangle

Plane number 3 is a Stanley 5 1/2C. This is the first of several that I will list. I cleaned the heavy rust off with electrolysis. The jappanning is rough at best. Blade has some pitting that may or may not hone out so a new blade may be in order. No cracks or breaks in the cast. There is a small mark filed into the sole at each side of the mouth. Not very deed but there all the same. Wood is quite good on this plane with some of the standard dents and dings. Not sure if the lever cap is original to this plane. 3 dates cast into sole behind frog. $25.00

Smoothing plane Plane Scrub plane Rebate plane Shoulder plane

Gas Door Fixture Household hardware Gun accessory

Tin Gas Wood Metal Audio equipment

Font Gas Metal Rectangle Auto part

Road surface Wood Rectangle Asphalt Concrete

Grille Rectangle Composite material Gas Automotive exterior

Rectangle Grey Wood Flooring Tints and shades

Plane number 4 is again a Stanley 5 1/2C. This plane is an earlier one with a B casting lever cap, and no frog adjustment screw. I threw this one in the E tank as well to get off the heavy barnacles and it is in pretty good overall condition. It is I missing some jappanning however. Few apologies here except that iron is pitted at top near the logo. Sole does have a does have a few small pitted areas near the top edges. This will make a great user with some final cleaning and tuning. No cracks in the rosewood handles but small orange paint drizzle is present as seen in the pictures. $35.00

Automotive tire Wood Cloud Sculpture Bumper

Grey Rectangle Gas Bag Metal

Sports equipment Bicycle part Bicycle saddle Carbon Metal

Smoothing plane Plane Scrub plane Rebate plane Automotive design

Grille Hood Rectangle Automotive exterior Composite material

Next is a new in the box Craftsman Rabbet plane. All parts are present and it looks as if it has never been used. Very little light surface rust in a few spots. Good original box. No apologies here. $45.00
Wood Hand tool Tool Hardwood Household hardware

Hood Automotive design Vehicle Bumper Grille

Rectangle Font Wood Gas Box

I will have more planes coming soon, including some 4's, block planes, 4 and a halves and possible other items. If prices aren't making the grade, feel free to PM me and make an offer.


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