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I'm selling tools that belonged to a friend that has passed. His wife asked me to find good homes for them. If you have any questions or need more pictures let me know. Thank you for looking.

Wood Rectangle Composite material Beige Electric blue

Wood Rectangle Table Musical instrument Font

Wood Tints and shades Hardwood Chair Rectangle

Japanese Shoulder Planes Right, Left and Mallet 75.00 plus shipping.

Office supplies Writing implement Ball pen Electric blue Stationery

Kitchen utensil Office supplies Wood Hardwood Cutlery

Japanese Chisels and Yari-Ganna 125.00 plus shipping

Rectangle Wood Musical instrument Office equipment Font

Wood Gas Font Box Hardwood

Wood Rectangle Flooring Wood stain Hardwood

Irwin bit set 50.00 plus shipping

Circuit component Tableware Kitchen utensil Cutlery Passive circuit component

Mortise Chisels 1/2" 3/8" 3/8" & 5/16" 20.00 each plus shipping

Wood Tool Screw Hand tool Metal

7/8" gouge 3/4"shallow gouge, 1/2"gouge 15.00 each plus shipping

Wood Rectangle Composite material Font Metal

10 Pinch Dogs. Aprox 11" 20.00 plus shipping

Electrical wiring Gadget Audio equipment Cable Bumper

Bailey 8C 125.00, Sargent (#6) 30.00, Bailey 5 1/2 75.00, Unknown #3 Stanley cap and iron, bitched up tote 20.00. Stanley 248 no depth adj 25.00, Stanley SB4 10.00, Handyman block 10.00. All planes prices plus shipping.

Wood Floor Gas Hardwood Flooring

Wood body and Transitional Planes. Jointer "nice" 30.00, Union #25 1899 30.00, 15" with Keen Kutter iron 20.00, Stanley Trans #26 no iron 15.00, Stanley Trans #24 20.00. All planes prices plus shipping.


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Dan, looks like you hit gold with this posting! Sold everything.

Do you still have that large bowl gouge? I think it's about 1" with a 12" handle and it was in a box right by the left side of the units roll-up door. I'm interested in that piece. You probably don't remember offhand, but could you look the next time you are over at Uhaul? Please take care of these other guys first as I'm in no hurry.

Thank you, Ray
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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