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Hey everybody,

I am liquidating some tools to allow for some new purchases. Below are descriptions and pictures. I can send you more pictures if you want. I am looking to sell:

1. Veritas MKII honing guide. I purchased this in 2011, I think. Used for about 1 year. Still in very good shape, all threaded parts are still very smooth. Original instructions and box included. Price: $60 shipped to US only

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive lighting Font

Circuit component Automotive lighting Dvi cable Electronic component Auto part

Auto part Cylinder Bullet Gun accessory Metal

Circuit component Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Computer hardware Electronic component

Plant Publication Carton Material property Packaging and labeling

2. Millers Falls No. 10. This is the stanley 4 1/2 equivalent. This plane is in what I would call very good shape for the age. Extremely light pitting, with a hair of rust. Knob and tote are solid, knob has a small slice in it, but doesn't affect integrity. Plane iron is in good condition. I will be honest and say I've had a little trouble with the chipbreaker on this one, but I bet it's an easy fix. Got this before I realized how much I would love my No. 4. I know planes are a fetish, and more pictures may be warranted, but these are a start. Price shipped to US only: $70

Weight: 4 lbs. 13 oz.
Dimensions: 10 1/2" long, 2 7/8" wide
Iron width 2 3/8"

Scrub plane Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle

Handwriting Grey Rectangle Font Tints and shades

Wood Auto part Rectangle Electronic device Gadget

Handwriting Grey Road surface Font Artifact

Sleeve Grey Tableware Dishware Collar

Grey Rectangle Wood Gadget Tints and shades

Textile Cutlery Automotive design Kitchen utensil Linens

Rectangle Wood Fashion accessory Flooring Linens

3. The last item is a set of 3 Ishikawa rasps. I've had them for maybe a year. Used but not abused. They are sold by Lee Valley at this link: Rasps. Price for all three shipped to US only is $65. I have the following:

a. 10 inch, 7 inch cut length half round fine
b. 10 inch, 7 inch cut length half round extra fine
c. 8 inch 5/8 wide, 5 1/2 inch cut length flat fine

Wood Kitchen utensil Metal Fashion accessory Office supplies

Tableware Textile Wood Cutlery Grey

Textile Rectangle Grey Material property Silver

Please feel free to respond back on the forum or PM me with any questions.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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