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I bought an old 1940's Delta jointer a year or so back. It has worked pretty well. Setting the knives in this thing is beyond painful. The gibs in the cutter head only have the set screws for adjustment so getting them all perfect is really hard. I took the knives out to sharpen them the other day. I got them back in a thought I had them properly aligned. That was until I jointed one of my walnut boards for my bed project. It is tapering the face of the boards which I'm sure means that I have the knives very slightly higher on one side.

I plan on getting a new Grizzley jointer later this year but not until after my wedding in May(which means it would be a while after that). It would be nice to replace the cutterhead with a segmented one and was wondering if anyone had done that on this machine. The design looks very similar but I would need to figure out the size of the bearing caps, distances between them, diameter of the cutter head, etc.

Another option would be this dispose a blade system but it's almost the same cost as a segmented cutter head:

Here is a link to the jointer I have:

Thanks for any help =)
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