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Sears Flex Drive Table Saw Fence Replacement

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Hello everyone, this is my first posting, so I hope I can express my problem with few words. I want to replace my 1987 Sears 10 in. table saw fence with the best replacement I can, and still stay under 300.00. My saw is a CABLE DRIVE or Sears called it a Flex Drive. Are all Sears 10 in. Table Saws basically the same? My saw model no. 113. 241691 has a cast Iron top and both extensions are cast Iron,the saw performs very well,everything except the FENCE. I have read most posts on replacing the fence with T2 Delta or using the Vega models. From what I have read the Vega seems to be the easier of the 2 fences less drilling VS the T2 as it sounds like more holes to drill.
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The flex drive is often a broken saw in disguise waiting for an inopportune time to expose itself. If it were mine, I'd sell it for ~ $100, buy a similar belt drive Cman or Ridgid saw, and replace the fence on that one if necessary….roughly the same cost to you, but has better upside potential. You can always add the cast iron wings from your current saw to a replacement saw if you like.

Just my 2 cents….
I've owned my Craftsman 10" flexdrive for 5 years. In years past I've had delta,Ridgid and shopcraft saws. A place I worked for several years had a new Craftsman direct drive 10".
I have never used a machine that worked as well and was so completely trouble free as my flexdrive. I'm not a high production shop but I have been purchasing 400-500 bf a year from a small saw mill. I use mostly white pine and ash and some red oak to build lawn and patio furniture.
When I first got the machine the fence wouldn't clamp down true with the blade. I tore it apart and found the rod and clamp shoe were bent. Ordered several new parts from sears parts direct, cleaned the rest of the parts reassembled the fence and it straightened up and clamps right in line. I Keep the table and the fence rails waxed and clean.
After I put the Frued Industrial narrow kerf blade on, that old machine became the best table saw I've ever had the pleasure of using.
one vote here for the t2 fence. i have one on a 10" emerson built belt drive c-man and it's really a pleasure to use. my only experience with a flex drive c-man was a saw i reviewed for a friend who was contemplating it's purchase. it danced around like it was alive and he passed on it.
I've heard several previous owners of flexdrive saws tell of vibration. The first time I plugged mine in I was impressed how smooth it ran. It always had a slight vibration, but not bad. When I put the Freud blade and got it leveled the vibration was gone.
I enjoy showing visitors to my shop that a nickle stood on edge on the right side of the fence never moves as a cut is made.
I have the same saw and I have used it hard since the 80's and never a bit of trouble. I put a Delta T2 on it and it has made a huge difference in accuaracy and ease of use. I did have to drill some holes, it was easy.

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I like your set up bondogaposis and like you I've been using Sears Flex-Drive since the 80's. I am still pondering T2 or Vega. I notice your table extension is a perfect fit to your set up,was it a plan as you go,or did you have drawing you went by.
My recommendation would be the Biesemeyer fence.
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