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Sealing Plywood

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I made some letters for my grandson to be and they are plywood. I would like to know what i can use to seal them before LOML paints them. I thought I could use Poly or something like that? Can you let me know if I am right.
Thanks in advance
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This may sound silly, but I apply glue to the (well sanded) edges before painting. I rub it in with my finger so I just get a very thin film on the edges. Similar to treating end grain prior to final glue up.
I would think that sanding sealer would work for the faces of the letters. That, or thinned poly or spray lacquer. Just to be safe, use water based products all the way through the process.
shellac is the best sealer you can use , BIN is a shellac sealer available at box stores, it will seal the wood and prime it for painting….it will take two coats ..light sand with some 320 between the coats and then a light sand before will give you a very smooth and easily covered surface….since it Is shellac base it is child safe….
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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