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Scrub plane

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I'd really like to have a scrub plane, but they are really pricey, even on ebay, and almost never seen at the flea markets. But plane old bench planes are everywhere.
What I am thinking of doing if taking a regular old bench plane, file the opening out to a much larger size, and rounding the blade a little.
Seems like it will work just about as well as one made specifically as a scrub plane. Has anybody tried this before and found something about it that doesn't work?
Thanks David
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Hey Dave
The Scrub plane I have also has a rounded blade .
They have some on e bay that are fairly reasonalbe.
In the good old day´s the foreplane today know as the jackplane had a bigger opening and a
more radicel raunded iron and the length of the plane was abaut the same size but after the
industriel revulution it got a flatter curve on the iron
the way you speek abaut was used when a smoother has past the last chance of geting a new path
in the soul and then they raunded the iron
both plane were wooden plane´s

hope this help you

I had a spare no. 6 and got a radiused blade from Roin Hock. I work great.
It looks like a reasonable price now but I imagine it will go up about three times that amount in the last couple of minutes. But, thanks for the info Jim, if it had a "buy it now" buton…..I'd sure push it at $26

Rob…. did you make the opening any larger?
Jim -

I have set up a #5 as my pseudo-scrub plane. I didn't bother tuning it terribly well and it still needs a new rear tote. I just used the stock blade and put a little extra camber on it. The mouth is set pretty wide by pulling the frog back. Works OK. The blade is a stock thin Stanley so it does chatter a bit. But then who cares.

The one down side to converting a #4/5/6 is they have wider blades than a scrub plane so if you plan to take those 1/8" shavings, it could be some tough going. :)

In the end I still use my lunchbox thickness planer for boards longer than 12-14" but when I have a small piece of stock or just one piece to work down, the pseudo-scrub works pretty well.
Keep your eyes peeled for a scrub plane. I've been lucky on EBay on years past.The scrub plane sole is very narrow. Rather than taking wide but thin shavings with a bench plane, the scrub plane takes narrow but thick shavings. I think you could probably convert a bench plane to suit this purpose but at best it will be a reasonable facsimile of the real thing.

the scrub plane is as rugged as it is simple.
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