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Score of a lifetime

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As I was refurbishing this planer a few weeks that I got for free and talked about here on a forum, I got a wild hair to post on Craigslist. I honestly didn't think much would come from it. I've gotten so many replies. So many interesting people and stories. Anyways, Here it is:

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since I've spoke to a dozen people, been offered a few deals (not one worth it yet), someone gave me two grip sanders and a belt sander (which is more than I could have expected and awesome because I had neither)!

And then a guy hit me up with the score of a life time. "Free insulation". Polyurethane Foam sheets that have 2-3 times the R-Value of fiberglass insulation. I need to do my walls, ceiling, and also the bottom of my home. This is about 4,000 square feet total that I need.

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That crap is not only great… it's expensive. But it's weight in dollars makes this the "Score of a lifetime" in my books.


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I've been marked as spam? Testing post
Someone probably mistook it for spam, unless you read everything it kinda looks like an advert for PU Foam :)
Great score! Wish I'd luck into some. My shop gets unbearable in the summertime.
Not fair!
Nice score on the insulation. That stuff is awesome and yes expensive. As far as the ad you put out, sometimes it just takes a few words from someone enthusiastic to encourage someone else to let go of a tool they've held on to for too long.

My last 2 project vehicles I should have sold much sooner than I did because of outside forces causing me to not have time to work on them. And you know what it took? Someone who was an enthusiast of each vehicle type sparking up a random conversation. I sold my C10 to a young kid who was in school to become automotive tech. He already did an LS swap and fixed the minor cosmetic issues on the body. Sold my 350z to a Z collector who had one of every model but his 350 was an auto and he wanted my 6spd with the burnt orange leather seats. Both of them rarely got driven but for some reason I just couldn't sell them until I lucked into finding someone who would really appreciate them.

I think the same thing happens with tools sometimes.
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Well… nothing goes according to plan. But I can say that I rented a 26 foot uhaul and a trailer for my truck to pull. I made my way to Tupelo Mississippi. MAN…. that guy has a ton of that crap. I'm loaded to the gills. I think I'll flip some on CL to pay for my trip.
Great score! I used to live down in that area….if you ask the right guy at the right time, there's a barn or a shop with whatever you need in it just waiting!
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