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SCM si300n or Casolin Astra se400 Sliding table saw - Which would you get?

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So…I've been on the hunt for a full size sliding table saw off and on for a couple year now. Currently I have an 80's model minimax sc2 paired with a 3hp sawstop. It's a pretty good combo, especially with a track saw to do the initial rip or breakdown cut on sheet goods. BUT, I know what a full size slider can do for me and I'm ready for the change. I'll still keep my Sawstop for dados and some joinery stuff.

I've talked to Felder and SCM reps , both of whom were super helpful and gave lots of info with no pressure. I was actually ready to pull the trigger on a new SCM Si400 a few weeks ago , but somebody swooped in and got the last one available at the current price point.

I digress …onto the main subject - I started looking around at used when the new ones weren't exactly coming together easily. In my area there really aren't that many sliders available that often - maybe a few times a year. Wouldn't you know it though , right now there are two.

1. 2002 SCM SI300 from large cabinet shop going out of business. 2nd owner. $3k . 10.5' stroke. 3 hrs drive one way.

2. Casolin Astra SE400 (year unknown) , $1k . 8.5' stroke. Issue with scoring blade (could just need new belt , they don't know) , 2 hrs drive one way

I'm less familiar with the reputation of Casolin, but $1k is hard to argue with. SCM I trust/know more but is a bit more $$.

One thought is that if I get the Casolin , I could use if for a few years , resell it for no loss and move on to a new one at that time maybe.

Or, if it were you , would you just skip that and get the new one now?

Any and all opinions welcome besides recommendations to not get any full size slider and keep the little one…
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Used sliders may have a "tick" indicating uneven wear in the ways. This is not uncommon in full stroke saws used as short stroke saws. Casolin is not a first tier saw but it's not a bad machine from what I've read. If it cuts straight though it could be a real bargain for you. If it doesn't it may be a hassle to even get rid of it.
Thanks Loren. I appreciate that info.

I realized it was well worth the day of driving to go check out both the saws in person…so I did that today. I'm so glad I did too because after seeing them both first hand, I can say with certainty that there is really no comparison. The build quality of the si300 is a whole other category of quality than the Casolin, at least when looking at these two particular models.

There was definitely the "tick" you mentioned present in the Casolin, not to mention a non functional scoring blade for unknown reason and a few other issues.

So, long story short I committed to the SCM and I'll be going back to pick it up next weekend!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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