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Does anybody have a match for the red on a saw stop? I am trying to match it and not having a lot of luck. Saw Stop keeps telling me that marketing department would know the answer and so far three times reaching out and no response. I am looking for either Paint or POWDER COAT and I don't have my saw yet to take something with me to match the paint because it's ordered and it's coming in in about two weeks. Trying to find the right color red before the saw gets here
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Did ask for commercial color codes, or touch up paint sold by Sawstop?
Those are typically the only two options.

Ask Sawstop for official color code that satisfies requirements of SAE AMS-STD-595 Federal Standard for colors. They can't sell a Sawstop to government agency without using color codes listed in standard.

Another popular choice for specifying paint is the RAL color codes created in Europe. While not as perfectly calibrated between suppliers as SAE AMS-STD-595, they are usually very close match between suppliers and finish types. What RAL fails to capture is sheen level. There is also the Natural Color System (NCS) model of color codes. The challenge with both of these is they do not include a way to call out special metal flake or pearl additions to paint, and makes matching gold/silver very difficult.

Wished machine mfg would publish RAL color codes. It would make repair/refurb much simpler. :)

Welcome to crazy mixed up world of paint colors!
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