SawStop - 10-Inch Cabinet Saw (Rating: 5)

got this saw almost 2 years ago. I run a 1 man shop and do a LOT of production work this saw runs 6 hours some days some times less. 6 days a week I would by this thing again at the drop of a hat no its not perfect but it is a work horse I cant comment about the fence as I never even unpacked it just swapped my incra from my old craftsman zip code saw since I have had the saw I have had 3 issues
1. when I put it together the table was not flat called sawstop had a new table top in 4 days
2. about year into ownership saw was giving a false code and not starting once and awhile called sawstop
2 days later new control box
3. recently not starting once and awhile called this morning no waiting on hold and in 10 min. was told I would have a new start capacitor customer service is #1 with these guys
for a saw that is running 36+ hours week cutting nothing but hard woods I think that's not bad. I am not easy on this thing for those that don't know the pcs175 can be upgraded to 220 for about 50 bucks I did mine right at the start. the saw is very smooth operating and quiet. the dust collection is ok not the best but good I think my old saw was a little better but it had a small cabinet. I cant say anything about the brake system as I have not set it off but it sure feels good knowing its there.
so to end this yes I would recommend this saw. customer service is great. I compare this to all the other dealing I have had with jett, ricon, delta, sears, delta,woodpecker and incra not saying any of these are bad in fact I have had no real issues with any of them just saying sawstop is in the top with many others if I missed anything ask
thank you for taking time to read this