SawStop - 3HP 10-inch Cabinet Saw with 36" T-Glide Fence (Rating: 1)

UPDATE SawStop came through as a result of this post and while the sales team was initially flummoxed ("this is unprecedented. I will have to get back to you.") when I called about Mr. Gass' gracious offer, they did come through and I am happily using my overarm dust collector. Cut some MDF yesterday and performance was excellent. Many thanks to SawStop - I look forward to using your product for many years to come.

I bought a sawstop PCS 3hp last week. Today I received a flyer saying that they're giving away the over arm dust collection or mobile base for purchases after march 1.

I called sawstop to see if they would exhibit some flexibility on the promotion since it's an expensive item and a difference of only two weeks. I just finished setting it up and haven't made a single cut yet.


For a company tha touts its customer support awesomeness, this seems like a silly place to draw a hard line but that's what they did. The PVC can't cost more than $25.