SawStop - 10-Inch Contractor saw, cast iron wings, 36" rails, mobile base (Rating: 5)

In woodworking almost always, the number one most used tool in the shop is a table saw (at least in my shop it is now). Well, it is because it is just plain hard to get by in woodworking without a table saw. I was without a table saw since the beginning of my woodworking career (two years ago). Just the inconvenience of having to buy lumber to width.

Now as of 12/27/11 I am a proud owner of a SawStop contractor saw with cast iron wings and a 36" pro fence. Let me just say right now this saw is amazing! Even without the safety system with finger sensing technology, the saw still rocks.

I purchased my saw at a local woodcraft. I went down with my dad and a small trailer to pick it up.

Packaging of this saw was fantastic, no damage at all to the saw.

Assembly was very, very easy. It took
almost 5 hours to do, but that was just
because there was just a lot to do. The
Instructions were great. I really liked
the hardware packets! It really made it

Most manufacturers say that their saw was already tuned at the factory, which they are not. The SawStop manual doesn't even saw anything like that and everything was perfectly tuned I was stunned!

I love this saw! It cuts through 8/4 hard maple as if it was butter. I would recommend this saw to anyone! Love the Mobile Base Too!