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saw stop

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i guess im going to get alot of slack from writing this but i dont know if anyone else has had any problems with saw stop but i have a contractor saw and the brake activated about a week ago,,because it got to close to metal,,,well when i changed the brake cartridge and went to start it up it would spin the blade about a quarter of a turn then kick off,,i called saw stop on monday and they told me it was something in the switch kicking it off,,,and they said they would send me a new switch by fed ex,,,and they did send it but im still waiting,,now i do realize that things do happen and they cant be responsible for delievery,,but its been more than a week waiting,,and if i didnt need a table saw i would not have bought it,,,now i bought the saw for the safety feature,,,and i paid a premium price for it just as others have done,,,,and i know that i might sound impatience but in all honesty the part should have been overnighted,,,now im not actually knocking saw stop,,,,but i feel like they could have took care of their customers better,,,,especially when it was a defected switch,,i know the safety feature is great and that is why i bought the saw and im sure that is the selling point of why most people bought it,,,,but if i had to do it over i would have bought a cheaper saw and waited till others started making them with this safety on it,,,i have heard saw stops patient is supposed to run out soon,,,i guess my question is,,has anybody else had a problem with their saw,,,and whats the normal wait time on recieving parts
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I think your issue is with Fedex.

What does the tracking info say.

Have you contacted Fedex or Sawstop?
the tracking info said it was supposed to be delievered yesterday,,,and no i havent contacted saw stop about this,,they are closed till monday,,but yes im going to call them,,,
Your issue is with Fedex. I have had the same issue then not delivering on the day they said it would be even when tracking said it was at their local facility. Did you ask Sawstop to overnight it. I am sure if you had told them the importance of the saw to your business and asked for overnight if. They would have.
So, this was a Sawstop contractor saw….

What happened to the Sawstop PCS and the Griz G0555 that you bought in the last year and you posted issues you had with each of them?
I still have the g0555 and the pcs had problems setting it up….for your information I am totally disabled and am restricted to what I can do…and the saw was way too heavy for me to assemble….
You might want to check the tracking on the Fedex website and see if anything stands out. Heck, it may have been in an accident on it's way to you. But the problem (to me) seems to be with Fedex.
I realize anyone can screw up but the tracking number would take a lot of the drama out of this. It will show when the label was printed and when Fed Ex took possession. If saw stop did everything right and on time there is no reason to drag their name in the gutter. With FedEx once again tracking will tell you some but not all. I can remember a bad accident about 30 years ago and involved a FedEx truck. There must have been hundreds of next day air envelopes blowing around the interstate. I will bet if you called Saw Stop on Friday they would have shipped another one and you would have it today.
Guys blaming Fedex for a broken part on a saw ? Maybe I'm missing something but the OP's saw broke that can only be a manufacture's problem which led to a shipping delay. So SS is doing the right thing, shipping times should be discussed when making a claim with vendor, who pays for the extra cost of over night or next day shipping will probably never be covered by any vendor.
Hope you get your part soon.
The saw didn't shut down in the first place because of a defect, it shut down because it detected a potential injury, you should be extremely thankful for that even though it was a false alarm. I would be happy knowing that the machine is looking out for me. That triggered another issue. You should be happy that SawStop is willing to take care of that issue. You may have been still be trying to get other companies on the phone just to even discuss the issue and then you would probably being paying for parts. FedEx delivers on Saturdays so it may show up today. If you live in a small city, a rural area, or a long ways from the shipping point it will take several days. Did they make a promise to when it would arrive? The term Fed Ex doesn't necessarily mean expedited service, they have many levels and speeds of service. The key is the tracking #. With it you pretty much know where your package is and when it will arrive. You'll likely be waiting a long time for this safety feature on another saw, that rumor has been going around for years. SawStop is a well built saw with outstanding customer service, the safety feature is a bonus.
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Never had a sawstop but I've had plenty of experience with FedEx and other mailing companies and right now everything is running wild. My wife had some items come in 3 days late from what would be a generous shipping time. Can't blame sawstop for shipping. As long as they got it out right away they controlled what they could on their end. Also since this issue happened after the error I'm not sure you can blame them for the failure either. Honestly just having them speak to you, diagnose the issue and freely ship you the part is great customer care. Think how bad it would have been if it was a over seas company and they literally had to SHIP you a part.
The good side of things is it sounds like you have a couple other tablesaw around you could use.
Guys blaming Fedex for a broken part on a saw ? Maybe I m missing something but the OP s saw broke that can only be a manufacture s problem which led to a shipping delay. So SS is doing the right thing, shipping times should be discussed when making a claim with vendor, who pays for the extra cost of over night or next day shipping will probably never be covered by any vendor.
Hope you get your part soon.

- ljislink
Things break for many reasons, the best saw stop can do is replace, fix or buy back. I was asking for more information on tracking (not specific but general like did the new part ship out that day or the next). If it did than full responsibility for delay rests with fedEx.
Guys blaming Fedex for a broken part on a saw ? Maybe I m missing something

- ljislink
I must be missing something as well….I don't see anywhere that someone blamed Fedex for the saw breaking.
Maybe we all take a step back. Guy is totally disabled and has struggled to get a saw working for him. No doubt, he is frustrated that he had the brake fire and then the switch problem. He is likely anxious to get it back working. I have had more issues with Fedex delivery than any other.

Hopefully his switch shows up today or tomorrow.
i would like to say thank you to fred and redoak,,,you are the only ones that actually read what i wrote,,,i never one time blamed fed ex,,,and i do hope that no one get physically disabled,,but i am,,,i have to limit what i do and the amount of time standing on my feet,,,,but i do keep trying,,,
I'm confused 3285jeff, who are you blaming? What's the reason for the post? Are you blaming SawStop? If so, how is this their fault? I'm disabled too by the way, can barely stand or walk, so I know how you feel. It sucks.
well in all honestly,,,,i should have kept my mouth shut,,,if its anyones fault it is mine,,,it is a great saw but it also has senors and electronics that is always acceptable to go bad,,actually i should be glad that this happened before the warranty ran out,,,,i dont know what the price of this part costs but im sure its not cheap,,,as i stated before i live on a fixed income and a warranty is very important to me,,,but in all honestly this saw should have at least a 5 yr warranty,,,,at least that is my feelings,,,,i have three jet products 2 lathes and a floor standing 15 inch planner and i have had no trouble whatsoever out of them,,,,so in reality,,its more my fault than anyones,,,
Sorry, I just was saying on the information provided I can't tell who screwed up Jeff but it wasn't you. I guess it was my opinion that an unhappy rant after the title of saw stop it would only be fair to know who dropped the ball. So to get to the point, did saw stop ship the part on time or not?
yes they did ship the part,,im just waiting on fed ex now,,,but as i stated before,,its me i blame for buying it,,,i just got caught up on the safety aspect of the saw not thinking that this saw has electronics and sensors for it to work and is acceptable of going out at any time,,,as far as the saw goes it is a great saw,,,but other than the safety feature it is no better than a powermatic,,,other than you take a chance of having to get it repaired more often
I've had my JSS for 6+ years and never had a problem with it. Triggered twice (touched the miter fence, twice), but new blade and brake, back in business.
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