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Answers to the questions I ask of saw stop.

1. Can I use a sears molding head cutter in the table saw?

2. Can I use the Cove cutter out out of CMT's

The answer to both the above is unfortunately, no. The saw will work only with 10" standard saw blades, or with 8" dado sets. Minimum number of blade teeth for reliable signal levels is 24-tooth. Molding cutters are both too small and have too few teeth.

3. Can the Excalibur Sliding Table be use with this saw?

Yes, though some adapting may be required to match up mounting holes.

4. Can I cut a hole into the extension wing to add in a router plate?

Yes, if you mean the 26" or 52" extension table. Many customers prefer an add-on router table such as the Rockler Bench Dog, which can be mounted in place of or in addition to the cast iron wing. The Bench dog is 27" deep which will be a straight bolt-on to the PCS and CNS model saws; a fill-in adepter must be crafted to fit to the ICS Industrial Cabinet saw.

I was hoping to have some better answers, Looks like no saw stop for me!
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