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Saw IIA portable sawmill

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We have had our saw mill for about 20 years no problems everything was going good and then we broke a belt! Companies been out of business for the last five years can't get any replacement parts wondering what you guys all do when a great company goes out of business and you need replacement parts? We start using tractor parts to repair! Would love to find out the real size for the pulley belt. So I would not have to Jerry rig it each time it pops off every other log now.
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I've tried several different belts the original we have found works best but we have lost the measurements. After the company went out of business we would like to find the actual measurements against the saw IIA I will look into a link belt and see if that might work.
what you guys all do when a great company goes out of business and you need replacement parts?
Depends on what parts you need to replace. On most machines, there is only a handful of proprietary bits that the company produced in house. And then there is the rest, probably a majority of the parts list, that were all made by other suppliers - including that belt you need.

For size (length), it is pretty easy to figure out… got a seamstress tape measure? Wrap it around the pulleys and measure directly. Or got some spare rope/string? Do the same, mark where the end meets, then measure that. There are even calculators you can use if you know the distance between centers and pulley diameters.

If it's a v-belt or fairly common poly-v belt, you can get them all day long at most auto part places, hardware stores, the BORG, tractor supply, etc… Since it sounds like you already have a belt that is close, try one one inch shorter and go from there.

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What is the band mill mfg name?

Folks over at have section on sawmills. Might find some one with experience or information with your brand saw that will help you.

If problem is only a belt, Napa Automotive has huge belt selection and can take unmarked no name original belts and they match one most every time. Motion Industries is another national chain that specialized in replacement motion related parts (bearings, belts, pulleys, etc).

Best Luck.
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