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Ray, welcome to LumberJocks!

Sorry to hear that you are (have been?) ill. And here's hoping that if you aren't already on the mend, that you soon will be. A serious illness is what brought me to woodworking - the cancer has been left behind but it is full steam ahead with the woodworking.

The key thing is that the blade has a kerf that is larger than the riving knife. If the manufacturer specs the kerf in a decimal number, that is more accurate than a fraction so go by the decimal number. If you have a caliper that indicates thousandths, use that to get an accurate measurement of your riving knife. Any blade which has an equal or larger kerf than that number will work.

As runswithscissors says, you can do an easy check without a caliper by removing the riving knife, making a test cutand then checking to see if the riving knife will fit in the kerf.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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