DeWalt - DW3128P104 (Rating: 2)

I bought these blades as a set about a year ago now, however they did not last that long in my saw, they stayed in my miter saw and table saw for about a week and then they found a new home on my blade rack only to be taken down for the odd occasion when I build a deck. I paid about $40.00 for this two-pack of blades and they aren't even worth that in my mind, but I was looking for a good deal and this popped right up. I find that the yellow strip makes more friction than anything else and it wore off onto the wood I was cutting, and wasn't as easy to get off as you would think. After the week was over I went out to purchase two Freud blades for about $70.00 each and they were worth every penny, they are chrome so they resist corrosion and they can be sharpened up to 6 times, I will be doing a review on these soon. But as for the two DeWalt blades, they are good for contractors, not finished woodworkers, this has taught me the lesson that I have learned before of spend a little extra now in order to save a lot of money, time, and headaches later on down the road.