Bosch - PR011 Colt Router Plunge Base for PR10E/PR20EVS Routers (Rating: 4)

I'm the type of guy that looks at something forever before actually buying it. The plunge base for my Bosch Colt trim router is no different. Thankfully I have a wife that works hand-in-hand with Santa and together they made the choice for me.

Out of the box, the plunge base's fit and finish is spot on and the feel is solid and comfortable in the hand. I immediately took it out to the shop for a test run on a project I'm working on. The motor slides into the plunge base sleeve very easily once the double arrows are lined up (reading the instruction book helped as there is no clear cut way the router should enter and lock in the base). The best part is the plunge mechanism itself. The base remains locked until the locking lever is pressed, plunged and then stays firmly set once the lever is released. I really like this feature. My Porter Cable plunge base while smooth in the plunge, does not want to stay locked with the lever pressed and an inordinate amount of pressure is needed to make it so.

The handles are tilted forward and provide a very comfortable feel while maneuvering the router. The adjustable turret stops and sliding limiter all function very smoothly and provide a solid experience.

Now the gripes (they are small ones but gripes nonetheless): The plunge depth is a little bit wanting. I realize that its a trim router in a plunge base and not built for the jobs a full sized router should tackle but a little more depth would be nice. As with all of Bosch's routers…everything is an accessory. Throw me a bone here and include the edge guide and base plate adapter for bushings with the plunge base. Lastly, the spindle lock cannot be depressed when the router is installed in the base so it must be removed to change bits.

All-in-all I am very happy with the plunge base but the plunge depth limit and inability to change bits with the router installed drop it down to four stars for me.