Forrest - Woodworker II (Rating: 5)

I'll keep my review succinct as I know there's an extensive number of reviews on the Forrest Woodworker II 10-inch 40 tooth available on the internet (168 reviews on Amazon last time I checked). This saw blade is advertised to leave a rip-cut saw edge as smooth as if it had been sanded. I must say, the results are completely in line with those advertised. I've ripped several types of wood in varying thicknesses using this blade and the blade has never failed to leave a smooth a finish. The teeth are incredibly sharp and I'm comforted in knowing I can send it in for a modest cost and have them resharpened when necessary.

The one feature I will comment on is the level of noise, which is noticeably less compared to other cheaper blades I've used. It was nice to flip it on the first time and notice a significant difference in the noise level. I knew the cut quality would be excellent based on my research, but the noise level was an added bonus.

The blade was a little bit of a splurge as I'm still getting my feet wet in the world of woodworking. Given the choice again, the price tag on this blade was well worth the quality. Look forward to cutting many more boards in the future with this blade.