Sabel - Block Roller (Rating: 5)

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If you ever have occasion to use masking/packing tape as a glue up clamp technique on miters or otherwise, or if you do work with veneer tape from time to time, then you just might like to have this tool in your box. Plastic laminates and general veneering are other regular uses for this roller.

This is a bit of a luxury item at first glance, for how much of that type of work do most of us do? The payoff for anyone is in the quality of your work should you use it. Given a quality tape and a smooth dead clean surface, this medium hard rubber, ball bearing roller will give you superb adhesion, great joints.

It can be used with a cross finger hold on paper tape or for initial smoothing
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and then be used straight arm with real power, but without any strain on your wrist.
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The hardness (durometer) of the roller is just right to allow you to force thin materials down tight without voids.
It works beautifully as a glue spreader too for small difficult assemblies but is a bit of a chore to clean.

I've not that much experience with other materials but have read that it is a favourite with vinyl mechanics and designers.
Not cheap at almost $30 but not so bad really given great results and still being made in the usa by usans. Our small shop has five of them.


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