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Ryobi bench top belt sander…

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My BD4601G Ryobi sander is only six months old and quit working yesterday. When I turn it on, it only makes a humming noise, no movement. Checked the belt…it is on track. Any idea what's wrong? Bad motor? Bought it from Home Depot, but lost my receipt….maybe they will let me swap it out for a new one??
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Can you turn it by hand? Sounds like something is stuck, maybe sawdust built up somewhere?
Did you use a credit/debit card to purchase? If so, your credit card bill / debit card history will have a transaction number that will show your purchase, including the date. Show that to Home Despot and I suspect that they will exchange for a new one. One big reason to always use an electronic form of payment-also helpful if you have a fire and need proof for your insurance company.
It will not turn by hand…think it's the motor. All sawdust removed. Yes, I paid with credit card…
That happened a couple times with my Craftsman sander. I tapped it on the motor a couple times, sounded like something shook loose. Work right ever since. Now after 20 yrs. I think I need to change out the bushings. What does your Owners Manual say in the trouble shooting section in bacK?

If it humms, sounds like the motors trying to turn, but something is caught or stopping the motor from turning. You might remove the motors bushing, to see if the bushing (magnet) broke off and jamming it.
Why am I not surprised? Everything lime green was purged from my shop b/c stuff either batteries failed or tools quiero working.

You could call Ryobi but don't expect much.

How hard were you using it? The motor probably burned up.

You should have bought a Rigid.
My owners manual does not have a section about trouble shooting. I took it back to Home Depot and swapped out for a new one…hopefully it works better…maybe I got a lemon. :-(
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