Ryobi - 18-Volt One+ Lithium-Ion- Drill Driver and Circular Saw Kit +charger (Rating: 2)

Since home depot doesn't like publishing a negative reviews that points out the obvious, I might as well review it here.
So what we have here is a definite value. Drill with clutch, 5 1/2 inch saw not one but two entry level +1 lithium ion 18v batteries and a charger and all for just 79.00
You can't beat that.
Batteries (although entry level) and charger alone cost more than that individually. The drill is nice with 24 position clutch setting and runs true no wobble like the yellow D drills.
And enough power to get the job done.
Now the saw is a different story. it includes one 24 tooth ripping blade It has enough power for 2×4 BUT ……Obviously people buying this and giving it 4-5 stars have no clue what to expect from a circular saw.
Or I'm way too picky.
Before you use any circular saw, you have to check the saw for saw blade to base for 90-degree accuracy. If the blade can not be adjusted perpendicular to the base 100% then there's no point !!!. This saw is so off it's not even usable in my book.
And don't bother with that screw adjustment. It will not work since there's a protrusion under the back as part of angle adjustment screw that prevents the saw to sit flat. Ryobi designers must have been off to lunch to have missed that one. you have to grind it down to get few more degree accuracy out of this.
I also checked it for distance of blade to edge. Again it's off but not by much in this case.
acceptable in my picky book. still that means blade will be fighting the cut.
Conclusion, even at a sale price to me this is not acceptable. If buyers keep giving these companies 4-5 stars rating without checking these types of tools for accuracy they will keep making this kind of toys.
On the other hand, if you don't plan on using the saw for any kind of semi precession cuts then, as I said the batteries and charger alone are worth it and the drill is a bonus. These batteries and chargers can also be used with number of other Ryobi tools. I took mine back.