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Russia's got talent

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How awful and shocking
Hmmmm, I guess they won't be doing that act again.
who is going to
tell wiliam ?
not sure if it was real or staged
Darwin awards anyone?
anyone ever hear of Dumb wood ?
I've worked with a few Russians who are, what you might call "Craftsmen"? and in my humble opinion they are indeed "Craftsmen"

almost all of them would make most "American Woodworkers" and most "Canadian Woodworkers" look

calling a "Spade"............a Spade
I have to agree about the fine craftsmanship in Europe. I too have been impressed with people I've met from overseas. They have a level of intensity and steady hand that is hard to explain.
I think it`s no mere chance that video stops exactly on that moment. I guess it`s just a jeering. Sometimes Russians have a strange sense of humor. But I remember series of telecasts on MTV with videos like this and they also were not funny.
I was disappointed that we didn't find out if they got a ticket to Vegas or not. If they did only one of them would be going through to the next round.
that cant be real…but the look on the judges faces means they were not in on the prank…at least I am hoping this was a joke…
How did he not break his neck hitting the steps?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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