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Rubber Mats

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Hey all,
Does anyone know where I can get a good rubber mat that can withstand 400-500 lbs. I am thinking that I need one to make my table saw and jointer more steady.


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Hi Kevin,
Do you think a mining belt would help? They're all the time replacing them. Not sure in what part of KY you are in, but you probably aren't too far from a coal mine. I'm just not sure if a mining belt would be too stiff for what you need it for.
- JJ
I'd second the conveyor belting, its durable and rigid enough (depending on what the conveyor was hauling) and often good pieces are junked because part of the belt tore so they replace the whole belt; or the piece cut out may be big enough for your purposes.

I spent may a broiling hour in the sun patching belts on a gravel screener, great fun ;-)!
Not sure really, i'm at the most south eastern part of KY. Yeah, the floor is concrete, but in some spots it's not exactly level, kinda got a fews high/low spots on it if you know what I mean. Just looking for something that I can put under my TS and Jointer if I decided I need to move it to a different location that would keep it from rocking.

I found these, but not sure if these are what i'm looking for either.

Thanks JJ
Ok guys, so a pointer where I might get one. Closest mine is probably Hazard which is a few hours from where I live.

One trick I learned long ago from a cabinet maker is hockey pucks. He had all his machinery up on hockey pucks. He drilled and countersunk for carriage bolts, then bolted a hockey puck onto each foot.

Hockey pucks are hard rubber and they were sturdy enough to absorb the vibration of the machinery on uneven floors. After a while, they snugged down to the floor and the machinery did not "walk" at all. Relatively inexpensive and readily available through mail order or any decent size sporting goods store.

Just a thought. Good luck! Cheers!
Found you on the map, Kevin. I see what you're saying about no mines around.

Dave, that's a very good idea.
How about a rubber truck bed mat. Or horse stall mats. You could maybe find truck bed mats at the wrecking yards for less money. I also think the hockey pucks sound good.
Cut up a hockey puck!!!! I think here you'd get shot for treason or something LOL!
I think i'll see how much the hockey puts are and about the truck bed mat. Yeah JJ, no mines really close by. I think that I just may be in business now :) Sounds like that was pretty hard work there Mark.


Thanks guys,

go to a feed store and get a horse trailer mat. they are about $35.
Better yet a stall mat, your local tractor supply sells them. You will still have to level them to really get what you are trying to achieve. The bonus is the mats make things easier on your legs.
Will go and take a look at those also. Got one close by where I live.

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