RT1000 - XL Router Table (Rating: 5)

I've had this table for almost a year, so for those of you yearning for a review where the tags aren't still hanging, this is one of them. As you can see from my photos, I have added an MCLS Daisy Pin Router to it. The table does not come with the pin router.

The only modifications I have made are adding 7" to the base to suit my height preference. I knew I was going to do this when ordered, so I told the builder to attach the wheels knowing that I would transfer them down when assembling the new base. It worked out perfectly. I also have an A-type CFL light fixture that I will wire up inside the router bay when it makes the front burner someday.
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I have the Triton 2 1/4 HP router in this table (it has top adjustable crank and bit changes), so it has been a wonderful pairing in my opinion.
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Dust collection is superb, pulling from both underneath and from the middle of the fence with just the one connection. That was a major reason why I went with this unit since I detest a multitude of DC hoses in my shop (or a DC that I can see or hear). As you can see, the Rockler Dust Right 4" hose just plugs into the side as expected.
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The quality of materials, fit, finish, and features are all impressive to me. I could not have built this unit as it sits for less than the cost I paid. Joe has been building this model for quite some time and appears to have all of the bugs worked out.
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I opted for the aluminum plate, so it is extremely durable in that regard. The builder /owner (Joe) agreed to prepare the plate for my Triton router mounting and the crank hole in exactly the right position (at no extra charge).

Lumberjock Bubinga turned me on to this table that is made in Nova Scotia. I never would have found it, so thanks to Bubinga.

The RT1000XL stands 35" from floor to top of the table surface. Add 4" with the fence, which is included. The table top is 32" wide x 24" deep , hefty 1.1/2" thick for stability and flatness. This unit weighs in over 125 lbs. Lower Cabinet, table and fence are trimmed in solid Black American Walnut and White Maple drawer fronts.

The cabinet is constructed using 18 mm Baltic birch plywood. This plywood is 13 layers of solid veneers ply's The shelves and uprights are made of 3/4" industrial grade melamine. Joints are dado, rabbet, glued and brad nailed very well builtThe RT1000XL model that comes with a Miter-T-Track for those miter gauges that have a t-slot bar. Standard miter gauges will also work with this track. There are two electrical outlets in the base cabinet that are controlled by a Safety Paddle Switch It has a removable yellow lock to prevent unwanted start ups. Also a 8 foot power cord wired for 110-120 volts.

The standard insert plate is made out of 3/8 Lexan. Very strong and has 8 leveling set screws. One insert is included with each router table. There are 3 sizes available. (Blank), (2") and (3.5") opening. If not specified at point of sale a 2" will be included with each order. Insert size is 9 1/4" x 11 3/4" x 3/8". The Same size as most popular router lifts.(router not included)

The fence includes an alum. t-track for attaching feather boards, stops, guards and other fences and jigs. Each sliding fence on this split fence system can be adjusted over 1/2" for glue joint work. More importantly, it will go back to a straight edge in seconds.
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The RT1000XL has a 3.5" dust port on the left side for attaching your vacuum system (easily adapted to 4"). It has a 2.5" port cut in the top under the fence, incase you want to use a smaller hose (shop vac). There are 3 vented holes in the acrylic door, allowing air flow to circulate witch keeps the router compartment free of dust. The(hinged)door covering the router compartment has a magnetic catch to hold the door closed .

The most amazing thing of all was the way this unit was packaged for shipping. When I got the heavy, massive box I saw one corner split and some particle board with a crack in it. Upon unpacking I saw that Joe had packed the corners with sacrificial 3/4" material so that it could survive shipping. It did. Mine was perfect. The sacrificial material was… uh, sacrificed. ;=)
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I paid just under $460 USD shipped. The RT1000XL is $329 USD before shipping and any accessories.

I highly recommend this product and dealing with Joe at RT1000.com

How to contact (if interested):
Joe & Aggie Barbosa
1045 Thorburn Rd, RR1 Thorburn
Nova Scotia, Canada

Telephone 902-922-2381
Toll Free 1-877-418-2932
Electronic mail: [email protected]