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Roy lovers rejoice

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Popular Woodworking coming out with all of Roy's broadcasts ! :)
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I guess after 30 years, one would find a shorter path through the woods to the shop. I had forgotten how long a walk Roy did take to his "Shop" back then.
Holy smokes he looks young in that video!
Yeah, almost like a kid ;-)) My grandpa had one of those blacksmith's drill presses. I suppose my uncle threw it away when he tore down the old shop.
Thanks, Bob. You don't know how much that this thrills me.

Me too!! ;-)) I missed the first few years ;-(
I took a class from Roy in February and he mentioned that . I recommend everyone who can take a class they are affordable and Roy makes you feel at home.
I'd like to see him walk down the street and past a cop nowadays with a freshly sharpened axe in his hands !
LOL Thanks for the link : )
Never thought about that! Last year, a cop in Seattle shot and killed a wood carver that probably never heard him saying drop the knife ;-(
I met Roy in Portland Oregon a couple of years ago what a great guy. Thanks for letting us know about this Bob.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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