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Roy has season 30 on the Woodwright Site

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our local PBS stations did not show Roy's 30th season this year ;-( I have been watching his site for them to be posted. They are up now. Not sure when they started, I haven't looked for a couple of months.

Here is the link:
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good that you can catch up bob

hows the work going for you
are you back with us for a while
or just taking a quick pee k
I'm caught up on work David. Now, if I get the yard caught up??? Maybe I can get back to WW ;-)
Hi Bob. Thanks for the link. I watched several episodes and learned some new things and also got some thought provoking input. All good stuff and entertaining too. I hope you will have time to do some woodworking after your lawn is clipped and your weeds are pulled.
and the toilet fixed and the faucet fixed and the the propane valve in the 5th wheel replaced and the faucet in the 5er replaced and the wife wants me to make a divider for her silverware drawer in the 5er ;-)) Ahh!, wood, wonderful wood to play with, finally!! ;-)
Thank you.
I will take a look now, he is a wonderful guy.
I saw the one with the cabinet maker Thomas Day it was really interesting.
Best thoughts,
Yes he is fun to watch. I wish he would sell his past episodes on DVD. I would buy it in a flash. Meanwhile, I am happy to watch them online. His school is not far from where I am located and I am taking a class with him this summer. Its going to be a lot of fun!
While you have his attention in class. bend his ear and twist his arm until it breaks if you have to, but get him to put all 30 yrs on DVD!!
Bob, I love Roy Underhill and have his books and have watched a number of his episodes over the years. However, to be honest, I really have a hard time scraping up much time to watch anything on a regular basis. He has always been interesting and has taught me a thing or two for sure.

Don't work too much - enjoy to grand kids and the rest of your family and get back to woodworking. ;-)
I normally don't work more that part time ;-))
Bob, glad to see you posting. Thanks for posting this. I know Bertha(Al) won't believe this but Ole Roy is one of my favorite shows to watch. I too have learnt a lot from him and his guests. The Grease pot one, and the one with Brian Boggs… two of my favorites.

His classes are within driving distance for me too. I'd love to take his hand cut dovetail class.
Also available in higher mpeg4 resolution at and search for underhill or "The Woodwrights Shop"
When he gets together with Don, ??, can't remember his last name right now, but the blacksmith and wood worker, they are a pair that are hard to beat!! ;-)
Fantastic, now I won't get anything done for weeks! Lot's o info & fun on these vids! Thanks for this library of wood working!
Roy is like the Denis Leary of woodworking. I get nervous just watching him work. He was wise to not use power tools. :)
What always amazes me is that he somehow manages to saw straight. Each time I see him sawing the saw if vibrating and catching all over the place as if not sharp or as if he was putting pressure on the pull. Nevertheless it works for him..
What you see is just a quick demo for the camera. He does those shows nonstop, no editing. That is a feat in itself!
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