Freud - RTS5300 Router & Router Table Kit (Rating: 2)

I purchased a Freud router table and router 2 years ago and liked it so much I bought another one last year so I had 2 when making rails and stiles.I have been having trouble with the stiles because it was as if the lumber was not straight when I would run it so the profile was uneven across the piece. I finally realized that the table top had bowed from the weight of the router so the center of the table was off about an 1/8". I brought it to the attention of my local Woodcraft store where I bought it and he asked me to bring it in and he would get me a new one from Freud. When I brought it in he informed me that Freud was now given him a hard time about it and may not stand behind it. Why would a company as big as Freud not stand behind their product.The table would probally cost them $50.00 to replace.I have over $3000.00 worth of their equipment in my shop and will be sure not to buy anymore if they don't stand behind it. Festtool would send me a new one in a heartbeat and not even question it.The warrenty says 3 years.Am I missing something here?