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Router Table Help Needed

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Hi Guys!

I need some help with the router table I'm building. Specifically, how to mount the router plate into the tabletop. My tabletop is 1 1/2" MDF (2 3/4" sheets laminated). I haven't yet cut the hole to mount the plate and router yet, so no goof-ups to fix yet.

I've always read that you need to cut the opening all the way through, and then rabbet the top of the table to accept the router plate. I've been a little intimidated by that, because if you screw it up, there's really no good way to fix it. You have to start all over from scratch.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching "The Woodsmith Shop" show on PBS, and they offered what looks like a fool-proof method. What they did, was cut the tabletop all the way through, to the exact size of the router plate-no rabbeting. Then at each corner, to the bottom of the tabletop hole, they attached plates with leveling screws in them. The router plate then sat on theses leveling screws at the corners.

The advantage to this method is that a much easier method than the previous one, and you can get the router plate exactly flush with the top of the table.

My question is: does anyone know where to get these mounting plates with the screws? I checked the website, but they didn't make note of the supplier.

Also, does anyone have experience with this method? Do you recommended it? Or do you recommend the older, rabbeted way?

Thanks much in advance!
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Hey Dean
If you want to do it that way you can glue screw some strips of wood a little below were you router plate well go after cutting it out and then just put 4-6 wood screws in the strips of wood to use as levelers.
I have mine in the rabbited opening but, I really looked hard at those corner brackets. They are at Kreg here:
Hope this helps and post some pics.
Woodpecker sale a template for this operation and its fool proof…I've used mine multiple time on router top and extension table. It worth it good luck …Blckherry
Black cherry, what is woodpecker? is there a website ?
Thanks Everyone for your replies so far!

Rcp612, thanks for posting the link for the corner brackets-they're exactly what I was looking for!

Westside, Woodpeckers is a woodworking tool supplier that makes very high quality router lifts, and other tools. Read some reviews here and other places to see what I mean. They're very highly rated.

Blackcherry, do you know where on Woodpecker's website to find your template?
Blackcherry, never mind, I found it! I guess I'm just gett'n old…...
Ok Guys, have another question for ya.

How far should my miter track be from the front of the router plate (or the center of the plate?)
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