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Router Table Design

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Hi All,
For years I've had a shop made router table built int my table saw extension table. Just got a older PM 66 and I've decided to buiild a stand-alone router table around a Woodpecker aluminum plate and a Triton TA-001 router. I've done an extenive Internet search for table designs and found many I like such as the Ultimate Router table from "Shop Notes," one from "American Woodworker" from the spring of 2009, Joe John' table from the Woodworkers' Gazette, Norm's table, etc. I know the basics I want: large flat formica covered table, duel dust collection below and at the fence, bit and accessory storage, castors. I was wondering if any of the Lumber Jocks had built router tables recently and have any general design advice as well as advice relating to any particular fence designs. I'm also interested in know what features you would include in what might be considered a "high end" router table.
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I typed in 'router table' in the search window (top of this page about the middle of the screen) and got over 100 hits, you may want to spend some time there and read what has already been written. There are also some great photos of tables that may inspire you to design your own…and then add it to the collection of blogs and projects about router tables here of course LOL!
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