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Router recommendation

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Does anyone have a recommendation on a dedicated router for cutting dovetail joints? I have a Leigh super 18 dovetail jig and want to set up one router just for dovetails leaving my other 2 for router table work and general profiling. I currently have a dewalt 618 and a dewalt trim router.
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The old standby Porter Cable 690.
Having said that, mine is a U.S.A. made model. I have no experience with the newer stuff from PC.
What bill said.
The new 690's built in Mexico have the same quality as the old USA models. I have two and they're the hardest working routers in my shop.
Do you find the lack of soft start a problem in your use?
I kept the Hitachi M12VC for dovetails over both 1617 and PC690….it's lighter and quieter, and does a great job.
I use a craftsman that is a little older. I have the Leigh super 24, the new model's base was a tad big. The last tail on either end was hard to get at if I was using it a max capacity.
Lack of soft start isn't an issue. You learn to hold onto the router when starting it.
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