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The block the clamp is attached to should not go up all the way or
should be removable to allow mortising in the center of a stile or
rail. This design would only be useful for mortising stock a fixed
distance from the stock face. Fine for cabinet doors, but not as
useful for making offset mortises in table legs and things like that.

I've found, with jigs like this, that the one clamp is inadequate and
the work will move when being cut. An additional clamp helps,
but but slow down setups for each cut.

You really need to plan to get a clamp head pretty close to right on
top of where the mortise is being cut. That's why many of these
sorts of jigs have holes in them for clamps.

The frame member will wiggle under cut load from the end mill, so
the solid clamping is pretty important to getting consistent mortise
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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