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Rookie question on glue

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Hey all,

I found a few square feet of rubber shelf liner (the good solid stuff, not the cheap diamond weave style) and I want to glue it down to some 1/2" scrap (then I plan to cut discs out of it with a holesaw on the drill press, and glue them back to back ala bench cookie style)

Seeing as how they will probably see a fair amount of abuse/vibration/etc is there any particular kind of glue or epoxy that would be best? I don't have much experience using anything beyond titebond for wood or superglue type stuff for well…anything else lol

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3M 77. Spray both the cookie and the liner. May have to spread it around as the glue comes out in a stream instead of a spray. At least, my experience. Let it get dry to the touch (2-3 min) slap it together and IT WILL NOT COME OFF!
However, I made some also. Was not satisfied with the hold for routing. Bought the ones from Rockler. They are fantastic.
Hey, for $12.00, what the heck.
Cool thanx, I'll give it a try and see how it works for me. I'll probably end up picking up a pack of of Rockler's next time I order anyways, but since I already have the materials figured I'd give it a try.
I'd use Contact Cement like Weldwood, 3M 77 is pretty much the same. Wood is porous and you can brush on multiple coats. You can spray on multiple coats to but you can glop it on with a brush and smooth it out and you don't have to worry about the over spray getting on everything. I think the quart is more economical then the spray also, $10 for a quart verses $10 for a 16 oz. spray can.
might suggest to cut all the wood first then glue…
That's true, BlankMan. Solvent based contact cement makes me ill. So, I didn't even think of it. A cookie probably wouldn't bother me, though. The water based stuff is garbage, IMHO.
I made mine and used contact cement Works fantastic.
If you don't already have a can of spray adhesive which will cost $10 or more just buy the Rockler Cookies they have free shipping until the 1st of the year if you use CODE 0U022.
Heh I thought I was being all clever and creative, but sounds like its one of those things I'm just better off buying lol :)
Could use rubber cement, it's dirt cheap :))
Hey Gene, I remembered I had a can of 3M so I went and grabbed it because I thought it was solvent based too (found out I have two cans, don't know how that happened). I shook it up and sprayed a little on some cardboard and took a whiff, whoa, that stuff stinks too! It's 3M Super 77, maybe that's different? Haven't tried the water based stuff so that's good to know, I was wondering about it. When I needed to laminate something I just didn't want to take the chance with it.
BlankMan, I use the 3M spray on small stuff so, I don't get the odors that I do when I do a laminate job like a counter top.
I've started using those disposable masks when using the Weldwood. Cuts the odor down but still get the slight headache. Goes away when I go outside, though.

Jei'son, Sometimes your time is worth more than the $ saved in making a tool or jig that can be purchased. And, at 69 yr.s of age, time becomes much more precious each day.
LOML just bought a front loading washer/dryer set. She didn't want to spend the extra for the pedestals. Asked me to build them. By the time they were done, I was seriously questioning the wisdom of her "thrifty" choice. Not out loud, though.
I'll probably end up ordering a set anyways, but whenever I see a jig or handy little tool I like trying to make it myself, even if it ends up costing me more than actually buying the premade jig, partly for the practice, partly just for the pride in having made something useful.

And also partly not to have to admit when you should just have bought the damn thing in the first place and saved yourself the trouble LOL!
Gene, LOL at the 'Not out loud', smart man…

I like to make my stuff too but I am spending way too much time doing that and now seriously take time verses cost into consideration so I have the time to do the real woodworking. :) And I'm still working on machines and stuff for the shop and at best may still have a months worth. Arrghhh!
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