. - Rhom Drill Press Chuck (Rating: 5)

I have a WEN drill press, that came with a Chinese no-brand chuck. The chuck was wobbling and I had enough run-out that it would shake the whole work piece and vibrate like nobody's business. I knew this could be a possibility with the DP I bought, but that's another topic; I'm reviewing the chuck not the DP. (I really like the DP now that I have a good chuck, in case you were wondering)

This chuck is about 1/2" capacity (It's Geman, so it's all Metric). It's keyless, and is machined superbly.
I've run large 2" forstner bits at low speeds (lots of torque) and had no slippage on the bits, even though it was just hand-tightened. The jaws on the chuck are different from what you'd see in a Standard Jacobs chuck. Wish I could describe it better, but they seem to move much smoother and grip much better. German engineering at its finest, I guess!

I have not been able to see or feel any run-out now. I don't have a good way to measure, but it tell you what, it drills really nice clean holes!

Fitting the chuck to the drill press was easy; I got the J33 to MT2 arbor adapter, and it went together with a few taps.

For about $115, (Chuck + arbor adapter) I'm very pleased with the results.

Link below to where I purchased it: