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I picked up a sander yesterday off of CL and the man offered me a non-working RAS just to get it out of the way because he is moving. I brought it home and freed up all of the components and I think the problem is the wiring going into the motor. The wiring is dry rotted and the wires are exposed and I think shorted out at some point. He said he was cutting and it just quit so it makes sense. It doesn't have a box on the motor but the wires go right in above where the cooling slots are. I tried to pull that end of the motor off but stopped when it wouldn't come freely. I am going to have to get in there to replace the wiring but I wonder if it is a better job for a professional. I know wood and mechanical but not electrical. Does anyone have any idea on how to rewire this motor without me screwing it up. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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