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Rockwell beaver Tablesaw for sale

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I have an old Rockwell beaver table saw that was given to me when my uncle past away. He bought it brand new for his cabinet making business many years ago. It's been well taken care. problem is it's really heavy and really long with a 50" table top. i would like to keep it but i don't have the space for it. I'm asking 150 for it. I do wish I could keep it. looking for good wood working home for it. I'm located in Guelph Ontario

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Wow ! This is a blast from the past. This was my first ever table saw. I hate to say it but saw prices have dropped so much (in relative terms) since this saw was made that I can't see you getting any where near $500 for it. Maybe check a few websites like GRIZZLY.COM to see what something similar sells for today.
500 is WAY TO MUCH. Those go for 100 on CL every day, some even cheaper
I'm not sure what CL is? Yeah I wasn't sure if I would get that much but I also didn't want to be ripped off if I could get more for it. I have someone offering me a 100 for it so I should probably take it.
You might see $150-$250, but I really doubt you'd get much more for that type saw of that era. It's well built, but compared to a new one in the $500 range, the fence is a bit suspect, it lacks modern safety features like a riving knife, and there's no warranty.
CL = Craig's List. With the demise of the classified ads, Craig's List has become the way to advertise anything for sale.

Looks like the saw didn't have to travel far. It was produced in Guelph, ONT and that's where the seller is. Kind of a local kid.

I would agree on the pricing. If you want to hold out for $150 or so you could wait a while. If you have someone offering you $100, you should probably consider the offer seriously.

Neat piece of antique steel.
I paid $500.00 for a Unisaw in mint condition.
I agree $150-$250 is realistic
Maybe better off trading it for something like a more compact table saw or something else you may need? Or give it to a friend who will let you use it as needed. Just a thought, good luck!
Thanks for all the replies. I'll change it to 150. see if I get any offers here.
All that motor and such a tiny blade to turn…wow !
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