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I was given a 35 year old Rockwell 28-200 bandsaw. After a thorough cleaning, bearing packing, tire replacement and general tune up, it is running nicely. As is typically the case with this saw, someone used the table to move it around and broke the rear trunnion and the trunnion support bracket. The previous owner used JB Weld and did a halfway decent job of repairing them, but obviously I would like to replace them. I have found the rear trunnions on ebay to fit the Jet 14" bandsaw

and also a support bracket for a Ridgid bandsaw

Does anyone know if these will fit my bandsaw without modification? I know the Delta/Rockwell parts come up on ebay occasionally, but I was hoping that these may be better quality than the originals plus the fact that they are cheaper. Any help is appreciated.
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