Rockler - Auto-Lock T-Track Clamps (Rating: 5)

As some of you may already know, I recently built an assembly table (32" x 48") using dual purpose track. I needed more clamps (who doesn't?) to provide proper coverage of the large surface area and saw the new AutoLock T Track clamps in Rockler's catalog. I watched a few product demonstration videos and decided to give them a try.

What a great design. The large wheel makes tightening in position a breeze with plenty of leverage to hand tighten in position.

Another brilliant feature is the ease with which you can adjust the clamping force. Access is readily provided on top for a screw driver adjustment. I would have no hesitation in using them to glue up boards with biscuits.

They have additional screws in the bottom so you can lock the clamp at a 45 or 90 degree angle. They are designed to sit in the recess of the track, once positioned. I found that removing them entirely works best and keeping the clamps perpendicular to my work has not been an issue in this configuration.

These clamps are designed to work with their track which use 5/16"-18 thread\bolts. With a little patience, they can be ground down and filed to fit 1/4"-20 track solutions like I did.

The quality of the materials, the heft of the cast parts, and the limited use of plastic is impressive. You quickly realize why they are so proud of them. I would have to recommend you try them. Has made the cumbersome task of adjusting clamps a thing of the past.