Rockler - Trim Router Table....... (Rating: 5)

I purchased this Trim Router Table last December.

For me it has proved more useful than I expected. I can set it up pretty much anywhere I want. In the shop, outside or anywhere with power. It tears down as fast as it goes up. Two clamps and dust collection if you want. I am not a fan of hard edges on wood so I have used it mostly but not exclusively with a roundover bit attached. It is meant for smaller projects and not something like large panels. I compare it to my small bandsaw in that is a quick "go to" tool. It has allowed me to bring my trim router out of the bag and use it a lot more.

You can easily pull the trim router out of the table and use it free hand with the base plate that Rockler includes.
I comes with easy to read color instructions printed in English. There is a complete parts list and base plate mounting template for Porter Cable, Dewalt and Bosch Colt trim routers. The initial setup takes about five minutes and the handy leveling screws keep the router flush with the table.

I have not found any down sides to this table. For the ease of use I would recommend this unit. If you don't have the big unit or the big bucks or have that trim router tucked away that you never use, this unit might be for you. A second small portable unit has come in handy for me…...............