Rockler - Quick-Release 5-Star Knobs (Rating: 4)

Boys and Girls,

If you happen to be one of the bunnies that use long threaded rods in your workshop for jigs and outfitting, and don't want to whittle away your time endlessly threading rods, you may find this item interesting.

If you know about these knobs then it's probably ho-hum, if you didn't know about them, now you do, and if you thought they were a load of crap, they'll still stay a load of crap to you.

These are retailed by Rockler who call them quick release knobs, but whatever they're called, they still function the same… as they say, a rose by any other name will still stand up.

These knobs are ideal for use with long threaded bolts and more so for lengthy threaded rods.

I used to use threaded rods in many jigs and workshop fittings in the past, however, as it took such an effort to thread them, I quickly abandoned that practice and found alternative methods. Nevertheless, upon discovering these little gems, my threaded rod usage might have an epiphany.

Anything over a dozen threads become an insurmountable exercise in finger muscle development… and I don't want fingers with 6 packs… (just fingers that carry 6 packs).

There are many nuts out there, but some are just not suitable for threads,
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and some are just not suitable for anything,
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While you can try a domed nut,
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you may find it a tad difficult to get past the first 3 threads… with a nylock nut
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you may need some heavy duty assistance after its first 3 threads.

You can ease your anguish by using wingnuts,
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which you can assist by dexterously "spinning"... or a similar procedure on these rare knurled nuts
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and ditto for plastic knobs
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You'll probably need a shave and a haircut by the time you reach the bottom of the thread… regardless of whether you are male or female.

While these Rockler knobs can be "bottomed out"
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before you need to Chubby Checker... twist, they have the leverage capabilities of cranking up super tight,
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However, the brass thread and just a tad over half the thread engagement (refer gallery pic #3) could cause some quick wear and tear on the brass part of the knob. It was this reservation that made me only give it 4 stars instead of the full 5.
Nevertheless for medium and/or light-heavy holding power they are ideal… I haven't tried a full stress test, however, in a video, I have used more force than previously attempted as there was no real life failure risk.

I tend to use them extensively in jigs where optimum force is not required but more so for just holding in place pressure and the quick release is a bonus.
While I have nothing against screwing… often a quick release is desirable. I hereby rename these knobs, wombat

I have made a quick video of them in use.

If you bothered to look at the video, you may have noticed a reference to button nuts,
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Personally they provide greater pressurized grip, however, this is not a review of button nuts so nuts to you….

Now that you've heard of them you can never again say "I've never heard of them!"

Keep safe jocks... and your jocks safe!