Rockler - Mortise Machine Table And Fence (Rating: 4)

This table/fence solved a lot of problems, and really improved the performance of my Jet JBM-5 Mortising Machine. It provides a much larger work surface than the stock table, and comes with 2 of Rockler's Rotary Guides that help secure the workpiece against the fence, but allow movements to the right or left so you can slide the workpiece as needed.

I made one small modification when I installed the fence.

I have never trusted wood screws in MDF for this type of fixture, so instead of using wood screws to attach the MDF fence to the machine's cast iron fence, I used Teenuts (Rockler Item # 26054) and 1/4" #20×1" pan-head screws to attach the fence.

To do this, I marked the location of the holes in the cast iron fence on the MDF, the drilled a 1/16" hole through the MDF to server as a pilot hole. I then used a Forstner bit to drill a recess about 1/16" deep into the melamine face of the MDF fence (deep enough so the shoulder of the Teenut was flush with the melamine surface).

I then drilled a 1/4" hole through the MDF and bolted the modified fence in place.