Rockler - Lathe Dust Hood Item 67899 (Rating: 4)

I've found this clear lathe dust collection hood very useful. It take a little bit of planning when setting it up on a lathe such as extending the tail stock support out to make room for your tool rest support and it helps a lot to have a flexible work light that can be kept low & to the rear of the lathe. This keeps the glare off of the flip-down clear shield making it easy to use, see photo. I made a wooden bracket out of the scrap end of an oak newel post, also see photo. The bracket supports the weight of the dust collection hood without having to clamp it down tight. With this wooden bracket you can now slide the hood back & forth easily when turning longer items. The vacuum for the dust collection is concentrated enough to see that the chips are flying right into the hood & not in your face. (Of course quite a bit of shavings go toward your feet but very little goes toward your face.) This dust hood works well enough for me.