Rockler - Coping Sled (Rating: 4)

I have never wrote a tool review but after using Rockler's Coping Sled and not seeing any other reviews I figured I'd try my luck. I actually bought the copping sled several years ago when I got frustrated when using a rail and stile bit set to do the profile on the end grain. No matter how hard I tried bit seemed to grab and it threw it off track. I again realized how much of a lifesaver it is when using it again doing the same operation.

Although the copping sled seems a little steep at $60 it is very rugged and with its abrasive strip and hold down handle it firmly holds the work in place. Its phenolic base makes sliding it on the table very easy. Additionally, it comes with a hardwood guide block that reduces tearout and can easy be changed out when routing different profiles. I give it four stars because the price seems a little high.