Rockler - Bench Cookies (Rating: 5)

I see I've been beaten to the punch on the review, but I'll go ahead and add my 2 cents worth here. I was at Rockler this weekend and noticed they had these in stock; so I forked-over my $12 and bought a set.

As you probably know by now, these are plastic pucks with what is essentially router pad material on both sides. They grip tenaciously, and with any moderate downward pressure will hold your workpiece in place.

For any large panel or heavy object these worked great. However, I'd only give them 4 1/2 stars if I could since they did not work well for light panels while using my random orbit sander. Without sufficient weight everything bounced around; and you had to hold the piece down on one side to keep it in place. In these situations, I'd stick to a router pad to hold the pieces in place.

I'll probably pick-up another set next time I go to Rockler. Well worth the $12, and an actual innovative idea.