Rite in the Rain - Note Pad (Rating: 5)

A notepad? This isn't just any note pad. This is the All-Weather Notebook from Rite in the Rain. If you are not familiar with Rite in the Rain products, prepare to be amazed. This is the ultimate in weather-proof writing and note taking. Does it work while damp? Yes. Does it work while wet? Yes. Does it work underwater…?


This paper will work in the desert, the cold, the tropical, and yes, in your shop and job site. They have large selection of paper, notebooks and page patterns to choose from. You could just use a document protector, or get something laminated, true. Document protectors work against grubby fingers, not rain, or mud puddles. Lamination works fine in those situations, but what if you need to take a quick note or re-write something on site? A marker will run, and grease pencils, to be honest, suck, and not everyone has one.
Look, I hate being stuck out in the rain as much as the next guy and I try to avoid it whenever I can, but it is good to know that just in case I am stuck outside or I simply knock over my (beer) coffee, everything will be fine.

Rite in the Rain provides notebooks and all weather pens (that work underwater) to our military, law enforcement, and to the rest of us. Does it cost more than a typical note pad? Of course. But keep this in mind: How much would you pay to have that sketch/note/measurement/phone number/ (fill in the blank), that was destroyed after you spilled your drink/dropped in a puddle/ left on the job site, or (fill in the blank)?
What would I change? Could we go tear resistant? Just a thought.

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Product Link: http://www.riteintherain.com/default.aspx